Current Champions and All Time Best Franchises

Sport Current Champion All Time Best Franchise
NFL New England Patriots Pittsburgh Steelers View Stats
MLB Chicago Cubs New York Yankees (since 1969) * View Stats
NBA Golden State Warriors Los Angeles Lakers (since 1947)
Los Angeles Lakers (since 1980)
View Stats
NHL Pittsburgh Penguins Edmonton Oilers (since 1979-80) * View Stats
NCAA Basketball Villanova UCLA (since 1939)
Duke (since 1980) *
View Stats
NCAA Football Clemson Miami (FL) Hurricanes (since 1980) * View Stats
World Cup Germany Germany View Stats
*: Baseball all time stats start in 1969, the year the MLB playoffs were introduced.
College football all time rankings are based since 1980, the "modern era", due to so many changes in format.
College basketball shows the all-time champion, UCLA, since 1939 as well as the "modern era" champion, Duke, since 1980.
NHL all time standings are currently only based on the modern era, determined by the World Hockey Association merger with the NHL in 1979.

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