As you probably saw on the front page, I created the site because I always wanted a quick and easy place I could remember to go and find championship results for multiple sports. Hence this site. It then grew as I also wanted to track stats over time for winning teams and we now have all-time winning franchise data for a number of the major sports. And lastly, it also serves as a place I can tinker around with to practice building out a website. With a bonus being that it's a hobby I truly enjoy, sports.

I tend to spend most of my time working at tech startups. Everything from the early days at to mentoring at ChicoStart to helping grow the best online t-shirt site there is, DesignByHumans. And as my family grows, when not attending Raider games, my son and I now also find ourselves frequently buying and selling lego's at Bryan's Bricks!

If I have any spare time after that, I'll work on the RPG I wrote with both classic Mac and PC versions as well as a relatively more recent iPhone version:

Yipe! III Monster   Shareware RPG's:


If you have any suggestions or comments, feel free to mail them to me or hit me up on Twitter, both personally or for Championship History:

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